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Why use Eeze-WordPress

Why use Eeze-WordPress


Eeze-WordPress is the perfect choice if you require a web host that cares, no matter if you are looking for business, personal, community or E-Commerce web design and hosting solutions.

Eeze-WordPress is agreeable not the cheapest, we may not have the FREE!! Or cheapest packages but you should consider what type of service a Free one is “A MAN MUST EAT” not steal his food after all.

Eeze-WordPress was primarily founded for the sole purpose of offering sustainable web hosting solutions on a small scale giving rise to personal contact and attention to each hosting package.

Eeze-WordPress founders decided that we will ensure our clients are not subjected to our previous bad experiences of

  • Failed cheap hosts,
  • Hosts who have no abilities,
  • Hosts that are never obtainable, and yes even the host that has gotten TOO BIG for his Boots!.

Eeze-WordPress does not believe in piggybacking on the hidden costs involved with owning and running a website and pretending to offer a Free or cheaper service just to gain clients.

Eeze-WordPress (as the Eeze SAYS!) will offer a easy service in Layman’s terms as the man on the street does not always understand the terminology used in the IT and Cyberspace industry.

Eeze-WordPress understands that while running a Manufacturing plant or even a Housewife doing cake baking you the client should not be hampered by Internet Jargon you do not understand while trying to improve your name and status by owning a website.

Eeze-WordPress aims to save you the costs and hidden charges which are levied on Logo design, Web design, Bandwidth, Disk Space and all other utilities needed to have a continuously successful web presence.

What our package says is what you get – and more. WITHOUT THE HEADACHES

In today’s Cyberspace society and ever-changing economy, no person, community or company can afford to be without a web presence.

What we offer you is:

  • When selecting one of our Max Hosting Packages you have the ability to host as many domains/websites as you wish in your eXtend Panel account. This means you have the luxury of managing all of your websites from one place and all on the same server!
  • Our Standard Hosting Packages differ from other web hosting companies because of not just our unlimited disk storage, bandwidth transfer, and a number of add-on domain features, we also offer exclusivity for WordPress Sites.
  • In other words, your assigned account manager should understand your needs and what your requirements may be.
  • And most of all our personal service is guaranteed.

Reliable servers with guaranteed uptime (Our Track Record so far is at 99%)

Our servers have not had any downtime since we started and our aim is to ensure that this remains the case.

Your satisfaction is our goal.

We pride ourselves in putting you, the client first. Our only requirement is that you tell us what you want!

We operate with our Vision and Mission Statements in mind at all times and pride ourselves in our implementation of our Code of Conduct and our Policy For acceptable Usage

FREE co.za Domain for life and Identity Security!

Domain with the package comes Free!! For each package taken a yourweb.co.za domain is FREE! When choosing to host with Eeze-WordPress, our clients receive a co.za domain absolutely free; meaning that when your domain annually needs to be renewed we will renew and pay for you as long as we still host the domain.

To ensure you never lose your web identity Eeze-WordPress unlike many other local hosts will register your domain in YOUR!! NAME.

FREE featured Listing

We offer a Free Featured listing on our sister site www.eezefind.co.za  as part of every package. A site aimed at localizing your listing with MAP It.

24 Hour FREE telephonic and Email Support.

We are there for our clients 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. You are welcome to call us on our mobile support line 071 320 8656 or send us an email at your convenience. 

We will never be too busy to help or answer any queries if the person on the other side of your call cannot assist ask for somebody who can.

Live Chat when a consultant online.

As there are times when Landlines are busy or unavailable, we have an additional means of contact. Live Chat on our website, where our clients can quickly and easily access a online consultant.

Spam Filter included for all email addresses

Spam Assassin is included for all POP3 Email boxes that you at your domain hosted by us.

With an Eeze-WordPress eXtend Panel you have complete control.

eXtend is a fully-featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing your web site to you. You have the ability to manage all aspects of email, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics!!

Your own Webmail can be accessed anywhere!

Whilst you can access your email through any standard email program, e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you can access each of your Pop3 Email boxes @yourdomain using one of three webmail packages anywhere, anytime using any browser.

Advanced Web Traffic Statistics for your site

Extend Panel provides you with a tool that details your web traffic statistics and allows you to manage your website, by tracking the amount of traffic to your domain each day. You will have an easy-to-use Client Control Interface where you can access your web traffic stats 24 hours a day, at your convenience.

FREE Script Installation Service.

We install most PHP, Perl, and MySQL scripts for you at no charge.

FREE Ecommerce Script / Software (With E-Commerce Packages Conditions Apply)

We offer this as part of our e-commerce solution.

Reliable & Affordable Hosting.

Our packages are of the most affordable value for Money packages in South Africa. What we offer with our packages is peace of mind as part of the deal.

Local Community

We offer Community-based hosting solutions to help build communities, where we can assist in the Local development we will even sponsor the page.

We pride ourselves in saying we do not need to offer FREE!! Or regular specials or Booster Packages as we have formulated Packages that work for all our clients, whether they are an individual, small or big business, we have the Cyber solutions for all!

Need a solution, contact us today!

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